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Elisir products

Wildflower and monoflora honeys and other bee products,
fruit of our supply chain.

Our honey

tells the flavors

and aromas typical

of the territories


“The Bee embroiders invisible threads from one flower to another and sews the meadow with light.
And the pollen it carries with it, if you look closely, is a gold dust similar to stars, but instead of galaxies it creates the honey spell.”

Elettra Russi

Nomadic Beekeeper


From the love for bees, born Elisir.

I discovered the pleasure of days marked by the rhythm of the rising and setting of the sun, I learned to understand the nuances of the climate that mark the real transition from one season to another, I understood how complex the balance of the earth is, how much the purity of the air and water is decisive, and how important the delicacy of the simple flower is.

I learned all this from bees and for them I gave up everything and started a new life. They have shown me that we are part of something bigger, something we need to take care of, because nature really is our life.
I strongly believe that their gift can and should be shared with the world, always and only with respect for nature and these wonderful creatures.

That's why Elisir is an organic honey from Italian harvesting areas, such as the Emilian hills and the Tuscan Apennines or the Lombard countryside.

I personally take care of the apiaries with the activity of permanent beekeeping, the hives are fixed in the harvest area, or nomadic beekeeping, the hives are moved according to the blooms and the variety of honey that you want to collect.

Our foraging bees benefit from large intact and uncontaminated areas of flowering in the hills and mountains, where they can stock up on the nectar of plants such as chestnut, acacia, linden and produce specific varieties of honey. Other bee colonies are instead positioned where the abundance and variety of flower species allow us to produce our wildflower honey.


Our Organic Products

Our honey tells the typical flavors and aromas of the territories where the nectars are produced: from the wildflower honey of the hills, which is harvested in summer bringing the beehives to 550-600 meters of altitude, to the chestnut honey obtained from blooms up to 850 meters above sea level.
From linden and acacia honey, to the rarer ones such as ailanthus, amorpha fruticosa and forest and fir honeydew.

But not only Honey!

A variety of products that comes from the desire to make people love everything that the world of our precious bees gives us. From tree resin, organic propolis, to organic flower pollen, to fresh organic royal jelly, to the purest organic wax for making candles… so that the
force that Nature contains within itself becomes your strength.
Saffron's gold, a fruit of the special wood roasting enhanced by the partnership with organic acacia honey to obtain exclusive products.

We keep a precious nectar, for your wedding or for your events and we personalize it just for
you: in the simplicity of a honey jar and the originality of a party favors.

Control body authorized by MiPAAF IT BIO 012

Controlled operator 5573 Agriculture Italy

In our virtual shop you can buy the whole range of Elisir products.

Wildflower honey, monoflora and other bee products, fruit of our supply chain:
from the choice of the territories, to the production in the apiary, up to the packaging and marketing.

Acacia Honey



Gift Box





Nucleus Colony



Royal Jelly

Spring Wildflower

Miele biologico italiano acacia melata castagno millefiori polline e pappa reale


Certified organic products.
The mandatory health treatments are done only with natural substances.

Stagionalità Lodi - polline


Our organic honey is subject to the flowering calendar marked by the earth and followed by the bees. Every honey has its season and we respect them all.

Mission - Elisir Apicoltura Biologica - Pappa reale


Guarantee the best level of product quality, with extreme attention to the environment,
organic farming and biodiversity.

Pagamento - Miele italiano

Payment methods

Purchases are possible with major credit cards, bank transfer or cash on delivery.

Cristallizzazione - Elisir Apicoltura Biologica


Crystallization is a natural honey process and it is the expression of its authenticity as well as proof of the absence of pasteurization.

Spedizioni - Miele italiano

Shipping to Europe

We usually ship our honey to Italy and throughout Europe via DHL courier.


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