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Elisir products

Wildflower and monoflora honeys and other bee products,
fruit of our supply chain.

On 20th November 2022 I obtained an award: the silver rose in the “great honeys of Lombardia” competition and the honeydew was selected for Slow Food.

Honeydew is a honey that bees do not produce from the nectar of a flower, but from the drops of a sugary substance. In fact, some insects feed on the sap of plants through the leaves or branches of trees. The bees collect this liquid and with their usual diligence transform it into honeydew honey, rich in mineral salts and proteins less sweet than other honeys.

The passion, commitment and love I feel for my business in contact with bees has been rewarded. An award that should make us reflect on how the positive symbiosis between humans and nature is the main road to the salvation of our planet.

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