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Winner of 2 golden drops at the Grandi Mieli d’Italia 2023 competition

Very dark colours, its opaque reflections, its dense and sometimes very viscous consistency, honeydew honey takes us to a very particular dimension of flavors and aromas. Its particular composition makes it a honey with a strong and robust flavour, but with a much shorter persistence (compared, for example, to that of chestnut honey); its aroma, particularly vegetal and sometimes acrid, presents the most diverse scents but always referable to the scents and notes of the woodland vegetation. Pleasantly moderate on the nose, less sweet than other honeys, rounded off by a harsh and mineral breeze and completed by a refreshing astringency. Complex aroma playing on the warm notes of caramel, processed and dried fruit, malt, molasses, hints of dried tomatoes, wood, resin, leather, carob and spices. Product selected for Slow Food.

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