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Have we ever wondered what a world without bees would be like?

There are about 5,600 crops on our planet that create food and feed 90% of the world’s population. Of these, 4,000 (71%) grow thanks to bees.

This means that if these insects disappeared, the consequences on global food production would be devastating.

Why are we so worried about the future of bees?

Bees are the foundation on which the entire ecosystem rests. The use of pesticides in agriculture (especially neonicotinoids), on the other hand, causes the death of these precious insects, making them lose their orientation and preventing them from returning to the hive.

Attention, this is only one of the causes of bee death, the others are:

  • Climate change
  • Habitat loss
  • Increase in monocultures which lead to a lack of honey resources and leaves no room for flowers and plants

What can institutions do?

Banning pesticides can help stop this and push the development of the agricultural sector in more sustainable directions.

What can we do? Create biodiversity! … but how?

  • Choosing organic agriculture without pesticides
  • Avoiding mowing the lawns and spreading insecticides in our garden
  • Growing nutritious flowers that bees and other pollinating insects like
  • The Save the Bees project aims, thanks to your donations, to purchase specific plants that help the populations of bees and other pollinating insects. For example, the Settembrino (Aster) plant, thanks to a late flowering (from September to October), provides important help to the bees before the winter rest, strengthening the colonies.
save the bees
Every bee is a gift

Aware of the great responsibility and commitment that I take on with this assignment, I hope to be able to count you among my supporters in this battle, not only for the future of bees and biodiversity, but for the future of our children.

Thank you

Elettra Russi 

Nomadic Beekeeper

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